Tourism experience Lisbon-Portugal full

Lisbon, as well as other coastal cities of the Mediterranean such as Barcelona, Athens or Santorini is the southern paradise where always warm to people of Northwest Europe go insulate. Special occasion from December to March each year when that forecast humid Central Paris without sunshine. Lisbon has mountains, seas, the pastel-pink building, cafe and Fado music charm to attracted you at first set foot in this city.

Articles about travel Lisbon cleaners will help you learn about how to come and go again in Lisbon, the tourist attractions, famous and the most characteristic dish of the Portuguese capital.
Lisbon or nothing?
In addition to beautiful weather endowed bestowed, Lisbon also has beautiful beaches just a few short trains. That traffic here is also very convenient and cheap anymore, tram in Super order uniqueness. The food is extremely tasty and varied, you can easily find yourself the only meal for under 10E.
Nevertheless Lisbon very get paddle drag selling stimulants (drug), of course you may not need to Italy. Many of the bars closed at 2-3 pm and 8 pm to open new doors.
Time travel to Lisbon
Overall Lisbon has year round beautiful weather new world jealous!, winter not too cold and not too hot summers. At the time that Paris, London still stretch resistant to the cold, you can still step on the coastal road or lazing on the beaches as beautiful as a dream when the summer comes.

The most beautiful season to come to Lisbon is from March to early June or from January 9-10, cool not too hot as well as tourist, 7.8. Winter in Lisbon is very rarely too cold as the other regions in Europe, but you should also note a bit because of the often rainy winter.
To and left the Lisbon
If you fly to Lisbon, then almost certainly you will come to the international airport of Lisbon Portela Airport, the city centre and 9 km range. There are some means to you from the airport into the city:
Bus: Bus is a good choice for very many points in the city, cheap. Bus transit named Aero Bus just outside the arrival hall of the airport, you can buy the ticket and wait for the bus to come with a price range of € 3.15/person.
Lisbon Metro: Metro is also a good approach to the city, the price is just € 1.40/weekly or Daily pass can use be used for both the metro, bus, trams, with the price of €6. Airport metro line connecting with the red line on the Saldanha, you can change the line to go forward into the center of the city. Note a bit is the go metro or queues to buy tickets for a long time because less automatic ticket sales machine.
Taxi: a bit more expensive with price range from 10-20 € depending on the traffic situation. A tip to taxi is cheaper than you should catch a taxi at the entrance to Departures, also help line.
If you come and leave Lisbon by ship to go to the city or the surrounding area, especially the long distance trains, when Ben goes on then you look at the electronic board is one thing but to the Rails to check back. When information on the electronic billboard and practical information in a way out doesn’t match, you just ask people there for sure you eat rather than ease tired of waiting ships but ships back to stock in other ray.

Top 5 best place for this summer in Vietnam

Whether a believer or not, the island of tourists visit the coast below does not chisel out before ecstatic fairy landscape like heaven on earth right here in Vietnam.
Lang Co beach
Be similes like fairies sa look bare, beauty of Lang Co beach not overwhelmed style splendor, splendor as the famed waters, but gentle strokes that passionate of fine sand gentle and dark blue color of the sea endless here can melt any heart any traveler charming look. Here, one can leisurely stroll on the sand, watching the color blue of the sky and sea merged together stretching to the horizon, feel the soft sand underfoot and sea breeze gently skim surface , in the fresh air, stirred by a marine fishing village before.

Vinh Hy beach
If love is vast and clear water and many things wild and leisure guests, the Vinh Hy Bay is the name can not forget come. From the terrain and scenery unique on the coast and hills around, until the reef brilliant full color make up a world of shimmering underwater … all blended into one picture period unique in Vinh Hy-lis that visitors refrain difficult.

Dam Mon beach
As a peninsula tiny wonders Van Phong Bay, near Nha Trang, Dam Mon is known for its wild character, casual but still very romantic, clear blue beaches with calm and villages fishing peaceful, idyllic. At sounded nothing special, but just when arriving here, new visitors feel the peace emanating from the luscious green scenery in this place, makes people feel lost in a world of isolation, privacy, peace.
Cu Lao Cau beach
Rated as one of the most romantic destinations of Vietnam, Co To Island in Quang Ninh attracted many couples looking to enjoy the wedding photography or honeymoon. This activity is the favorite mistress sometimes and often takes place here is walk on the beach holding hands smooth as long headline ‘way of love’ immense in the sunset clear, beautiful infatuation. And when the afternoon light went off, the flames began to light up, the party started babecue cozy seaside. At night could hear the waves tent situated at the sky and sparkling in the night sky full of stars in.

Not flat calm as the sea, but the sea paradise in Cu Lao Cau has its own attraction. This pristine waters impress visitors by the unique ledge daring but still equally peaceful, quiet. It is suitable for camping and enjoying fresh seafood on the sea, between the ledge formed where the ideal shielding and unspoiled coastline, clean and spotless.
Binh Ba beach
In Binh Ba had several beautiful beaches, but not wild, but the sea is in a park can watch the Coral:
Beach House Old: It is hereby forbidden to enter because military areas, but is 1 of the park’s most beautiful worth to go when the Binh Ba, with the way round down (called go underground), but if you rent a boat or hire a tour service on the island, they can guide you line the main road the multitude beach without having to go underground. Beach House Old you can snorkeling and bathing things okay, but not camp overnight.

Some places up for travel to Europe

Because this is the most preferred cities should be in twice to Paris, the total on Empress has stopped here at up to 10 days. Here are some vacation experience Paris savings and smart:
The Eiffel Tower
you should purchase a ticket up the Tower before the at home network, the online fare cheaper, and most importantly not long queue to face two, three hours. If you do not have to print, just take a picture and then brought to the control of the tickets that they will let you in.

Mousse Bateaux – Boats along the river Seine
on the website of the French students at have a number of people have cheap tickets over the purchase price in the dock. If you have friends in France, you can see the seller to pre purchase. Curious share encouraged people to go games, go lights, both at about the brilliant light thanks to Paris. See the Eiffel Tower shines brightly from the middle of the river Seine dreaming it’s nothing.
The Palace of Versailles & Louvre
All students study in the UK or Europe on 3 months are considered European Residence (residents in Europe). So you’ll be sure to go to the Louvre and the Palace of Versailles is free. You don’t know should have spend quite a lot of money to buy tickets. So, remember to bring your Passport and a residence card under when to visit two destinations.
This is the second favorite destination of Tastes. One thing enjoyed in Rome is the price of food as well as vehicles are cheap (if in Rome for 3 days, you can buy a train ticket your package in 3 days (about 10 euro, very cheap for a city of tourism). Friends of fondness for or, if going to Rome on the occasion of the end of may you will be visiting the Museum and Vaticani free (on a Sunday last month). The following is a list of destinations that can’t miss in Rome:
1. The Colosseum
2. The Vatican
3. The gardens of Villa Borghese, hotel Principessa Isabella (an ideal destination to NAP on summer days)
4. four rivers Fountain (Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi)
5. the Fontana di Trevi (where people usually throw the coin to hope was returning to Rome on an other time. Especially the ice cream here is also delicious)
6. The Church of St. Pietro
7. The square of Venice, also known as victory square.
A great place for couples in love as well as those who … single. This is the point to go into the summer to enjoy the feeling of going out to sea.

Tastes of each stay, Hotel Giovannina, reception staff here speak English clearly, knowledgeable and friendly. In addition, the hotel is located right next to the main dock, 3-4 minute walk around both the bus station and train station. Usually people or to Venice by plane, from the airport you can catch the train on this station. A further plus point is that the hotel is located near a supermarket is cheap, easy to prepare food before going out.
Go back in Venice, the best you should buy tickets to use both bus and vaporetto “taxi ship” (not to be used for the train). From the train station to the island every 10 minutes there will be a tour and of course you can take vaporetto ticket ever since on this journey.
In Venice just has a map (for free) and then catch a taxi-boat is a comfortable ride. Venice is also famous with the title of city of masks. You will find Venetian masks to permeate throughout the stalls, enough category, price, full color. Location not to be missed is the square of Saint Marco. If there is time to go out to the surrounding islands, you remember visiting glass factory and lace!

Rental experience Hotel/Motel/hostel in Europe

The night for the population of then maybe who also had many interesting experiences. Before I consider quite many sleeping primarily for the population of rather than normal on the hotels for fast:
In the hostel: I find room in quite a lot of pages such as, Agoda, But I mainly put in this page because hostelworld cancellation conditions are better, longer 2-3 minutes before the cancellation is that they except my money. The price in Europe is dependent on the level of red in the expensive cities you in expensive goods have included Paris, Rome, Venice, Switzerland, … still cheaper then Barcelona Berlin, Athens. The places I’ve been in and seen very ok, usually a little Centre, near the train station to go back to fast and will also need to purchase handy kitchen map supermarket about cooking.

Paris: At go: Aloha Hostel, 1 Rue Borromee, 75015 Paris, France . Due to the Centre of Paris is quite extensive so the place was near the hostel sights such as the Eiffel, the Arc de Triomphe that cheap is not ideal. Anyway, this hotel is also a good choice then, takes about 30° n walk to Eiffel Tower.
Barcelona: Urbany Hostel BCN GO!, Valencia, Gran Via, Eixample, 08007 Barcelona, 563, Spain . A hostel I was extremely fit, friendly staff, floor 1 night party exciting and soundproof bedrooms, are the group extremely funny foreign friends, chatting all day. Clean room facilities, basement with kitchen and refrigerator for a population of phượt, super good prices.
Venice: Nuova Locanda Belvedere, Via Mezzacapo 1, Marghera, Venice, Italy . Venice is an expensive city, the city centre is the floating houses on the canals, and there will be no cheap room rates here. So I decided on in suburban , only 10 minutes walk to the train station to catch the train into the City Center (about 2 €/weekly and 10° n train runs).
Florence: Hostel Santa Monaca, Via Santa Monaca 6, Florence, Italy . This hotel was pretty good reviews, a 10-minute walk from the central station, the price is also right, there is a full kitchen for cooking, dining area and spacious well talk chatting comfortably. The room of the hostel is in the form of giant, so I also don’t count in that night I slept with how much the bed beside.
Rome: Discovery Hostel 247. Add: Via Cernaia 32, Stazione Termini, Rome, 00185, Italy . 10-minute walk from central station, when the boss will lead to where I was a few hundred yards away. Rooms in a building, Elevator-style iron as you still watching old movies in Europe, United States of America. Yet inside very clean pretty must say is very interesting.
Athens: Zorbas Hotel, 10 Gkyilfordou St., Athens 10434 Athens Victoria Square . Normal House, enough to sleep, the advantage is the central police and Metro station in the heart of the city, the price is too cheap, I can’t imagine why in Europe have cities with cheap hotel. The reception here was also very enthusiastic when I wake up all night to fix the phone charger cord, he also questions and also help, lend everything.
Santorini, Fira, Fira downtown backpackers: . On the island there are two bustling villages as Oia and Thira (Fira). This hostel is located in the village of Thira, and cheaper prices, had the bus brought to the village of Oia. I see both shallow water but has pool, perhaps the summer they will pump water out affordable!

Paris (at about):  Similar to my previous House in Paris.
There are 2 services page in the thanks is Couchsurfing and Airbnb, the head is the registration form please in thanks to free, the second one is for in but have to pay the price is lower than in hotels. However, after applying in a number of locations that no one for it, I give up!
In order to be accepted on the Couchsurfing then you should build a good profile because it is in the social networking thanks to highly interactive. You must be new, they believed in thanks, so would like to join the playground then now you can make friends, do host thanks right at home. Open arms those you travel from one place to another, to them in thanks, kind reception and can do the tourguide for them anymore. Then they will have good reviews about the profile for you, as many positive reviews, the more you have chance in free when traveling abroad.

Pocket experiences when traveling to Singapore

Things to note and despised the experience needed to know about Singapore travel.
The first is the entry procedure: to note the following things to not fly about as yet stepping are steps on the ground in Singapore.
Staff will ask you round-trip ticket If you don’t have the ability you have to fly back right away is very easy going on so make sure to eat need to have return air tickets.

People will ask the address hotel stay (if you’ve set it well not put then quickly position opened the great names that you remember well)
Remember to dress neatly, answer confidently, looking straight face staff check that the mighty call is over. Do not carry the item damage, in the 1970s, the airport set should not carry map to others brought in painters to miss.
Air fare
-This almost as you would well know cheap tickets, best hunting should book before May 2 in the airline, Jetstar, Tiger Vietjet, the price range of 2 million.
-The more you go type also dust the way tickets to Sing into the evening to sleep one night and then the airport the next morning, the famous Changi airport security and clean, in terminal 3, a Mac Donald had the couch is comfortable, a lot of people sleep in it should not be afraid.
-On about you would book tickets to fly in the afternoon then normal but if you book a flight ticket early, then you can save money on hotel night by dark 10h30 enlist up MRT Changi Airport out to sleep the next morning up flight procedures is always.
Move Method
There are 2 common migration method in Singapore:
+ Taxi: convenient and quickly saving time (but not cheap price)
+ Bus: the cheapest media type but also takes the most time.

Taxi: you should choose the airline 65521111 is reasonable for (blue, yellow taxi), the first computer about 1 km 3sgd the following about 60cent km, the peak rate of 35% extra/Km, go after 12 h 50% charges extra/Km. Take a taxi from Changi Airport to bear additional operating costs $3, takes about 15 to $22 ; from the airport to the Centre of Singapore.
Ez Link card multiple times: type Car, most of the money is loaded to go forward, buy Ticket Office counters ears or Passenger Service in the MTR 15SGD/price tags (the tag in there use to be $10, while $5 is the charge card purchases are non-refundable, you can carry on to next go forward).
From the airport to the City Center takes about 1.5 sgd in the card.
Single Trip Ticket (a ticket once): buy the ticket at the automatic ticket machines (TICKET MACHINE) in the MRT station.
In Single fare trip has 1 SGD deposit money, this money get it back at the TICKET MACHINE after it has ended.
The Singapore Tourist pass: there are 3 types: 1 day pass: SGD 8, 2 day pass: SGD 16, 3 day pass: SGD 24
Tickets also go on both the MRT and BUS, unlimited number of times, with the visitors have little travel time to want to go to more points in a day, you should choose this type.
Singapore system was assigned tasks according to 3 different line (East-West, North-South, East-North), the symbol is green, red and purple.
If you go in small groups under 4 persons, you can buy or borrow a friend’s recharge on the go, if you go to 7-10 group of people, you can book a car 15, carrying about 60 price one-way $ SGD/SGD $40 price 4hours or flight/hour. Though expensive but the convenience, especially with large group, or from the airport going/about baggage.
Bus: the cheapest mode of travel, can use MRT to go bus, if not possible, then you must have the new coin was up Bus.
Hotel rooms
You are booking early because the stitch is very important. Most recent day just off good rooms again.  Many of you love to save chosen in the gym about $30 to $35 /night, or hire back rooms of homestay

The famous places you should visit in the London trip

You must have known about the religious definition of the various Knights period in London, but only in the movies, that’s hard to take place to direct them. So please join us, visit the ancient temple style of religious Knights earlier period in London.
The temple at Middle Temple Hall and the Inner Temple Hall
Middle Temple Hall and the Inner Temple Hall. These are two of the shrine has attracted poor compared to 2 of the shrine of St Paul’s Cathedral or Trafalgar Square. Yet it has only to the Emperor and splendid page, which few people know is that it has a secret: formerly the stronghold of the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar focus here since 1185 and dissolved in 1312. During his time here, they built the temple, monastery of Middle Temple Hall and the Inner Temple Hall.

To visit the temple Church
From the year 1185 of the 12th century, they built the temple Church in London EC4Y 7BB. It is not as large as two of the shrine Temple Hall and the Inner Temple Hall. But the rather unique structure also makes you hard to refuse to visit. The shrine containing the configure domed wheel has a radius of 17 m.
When entering inside, and upturn the Dome you will see the Gothic style fortress architecture. Observe around is the iconic Knights Templar William Marshal of Pembroke with the sword of the stone.
65 years later, the Church is increasingly enlarged and increasingly bold expression than Gothic style. It’s striking design is fairly impressive pillars and Windows with beautiful decorative Oriental style interior light. Therefore, the temple on will make your European travel more interesting things
In the dining room of the temple, Middle Temple
Middle Temple is the shrine of a 16th-century building near the Royal Courts of Justice. Also known for unique decorative architecture, it is also known for the Hall for meals. The Hall was quite extensive, with the range extending dining table also charming old paintings. Make sure to visit just once, you will have unforgettable memories for
The Temple of the Knights Templar in Lodon will make up European tour more exotic experience. With the full architectural style of the Ancient Knights Templar. Sure, you and the family will have the most wonderful memories while visiting the Temple of the Knights Templar in London.

A modern metro train station seems to make you familiar. But a station full of decorative works of art out there, then you’ve never seen. During the trip to Europe to visit Sweden today, let us together to visit the subway and the train station of the capital Stockholm. Where contains oodles but paintings and artifacts unique to your own art Sweden
Visit the station T-Centralen
T-Centralen was built in 1950 and is increasingly being added later. In 1970, he and the detailed add Ultvedt pattern for it. It is the work of green vines and flowers spread, creating a peaceful path for people to come out of the station.
The subway home in Högdalen
You will see at the top of the station, is the flower of tulip growing to 2.5 m, built in 2002. They build like waiting for the next train, and created for people waiting to board a more comfortable feeling when standing at the bus station waiting for the train.
The train station in Kungsträdgården
In 1977, Mr. Samuelson has transformed the station into subterranean gardens. The garden comes up the region’s rich history of Stockholm and Makalos Palace in the 17th century was built in 1825. Form to experience full of fun and novelty for your European trip
Like many stations built since 1970, Samuelson has created a cave tunnel maze. Like the classic piano keyboard wrapped together.
Métro in Radhuset
The station Radhuset is located on Kungsholmen Island, is inhabited by the Franciscans in the 15th century. He has created a pink cave and full of different archaeological. And the foot of the massive chimneys column with bold.
Terminal at Tekniska Högskolan
Tekniska Högskolan in Terminal has a pretty distinctive traits is the 12-sided blocks represent the 4 elements of the universe, Earth, water and air, for the whole universe and the progress of the technology of the human species.
Unique it is the fun of the Rainbow lobby, representing the Olympic Games
The above terminal must have made you feel overwhelmed. With artistic paintings and spectacular buildings. Create a feeling of relaxation and comfort for his visitors. Not to go back but also as places to travel. It absolutely deserves is the destination for European trip ahead of you.

Visit Britain and coming to London will make an enjoyable experience. Not only the beauty of the famous attractions that are all pretty interesting festivals held in March. You come and feel the traditional belief in the special Festival in London