Travel Experience consulting Europe Cheap: Some common costs in Europe

I’m Dvid, I have become about the following lengthy trip in Europe with attractive things can’t be described with the text words, exploring the old continent is quite favorable and bring to me the amazing experience.
WE will review some of the things that I know hope to Europe travel experiences of our people will help you to take a trip like that!
According to the experience of the European tour’s high tourist season (July, August) that you choose to travel with a cheap price then this is difficult. Therefore, to optimize the costs as well as the use of food services, health care, travel is the cheapest, then you should choose the time to go into the November low point. When visitors come to find out the information about the destination and appropriate promotion activities such as the use of the voucher of the tour, ticket promotions.
Please select travel in the central cities of Europe such as London, Paris and. .. In addition, you should choose the tourist region of Eastern Europe instead of Western Europe, by the cost of travel as well as room service in Western Europe are often much more expensive than the same area is the brother of Eastern Europe. In that area, you want to keep many memories for then Greece, Portugal is the country that you can’t ignore in the list of your point to it.
The many attractions along the rich cuisines awaits you. At the same time, about the cost of the service as well as cost of travel is a lot cheaper than Western European cities is London (UK) and Paris (France). Moreover, travel Eastern Europe also has a lot of good feedback about the landscape, culture, history, natural wonders of the world, …
Where to stay: the Hostel usually cost from 18-40 EUR/night, depending on the size of the room. I stay in a 6-bed bedroom in Berlin at a price of 15 EUR, Meanwhile I will pay about EUR 32 in Paris. Two bedrooms starting at 27 EUR/night in a 2-star hotel. The hotel has facilities such as private bathroom, breakfast and WiFi … You can find room in the collective about 10 EUR/night or rent the whole House (studio apartment) from 24 EUR.
Food: bread, slices of pizza or sausage with price from 4-7 EUR. The shop is usually seen at the train station, the bus station and pedestrian area. The small sandwich shops offer cheap food from 9-15 EUR per day. Restaurant meals cost about 13-25 EUR for the main dishes and beverages. The food is quite expensive, but there are many neighborhood stores, Chinese people should be very lucky if you can find the store and enjoy with affordable price.

Traffic, transportation: primary transportation to most European cities is the tram, subway or local bus prices usually under 2 EUR for a one-way ticket. International rates vary by country and type of vessels or speedboats. A high-speed train from Berlin to Munich cost about 190 EUR, Bordeaux to Paris about 95 EUR, and Madrid to Barcelona about 150 EUR.
Conventional ship and other Intercity routes a lot cheaper, usually cost about 40-50% of the price of high speed trains. Regular international trains in Eastern Europe often have price from 45-100 EUR. Short trains within the country costs about EUR 27. The bus is cheaper than the train went with the shorter distance.
A number of activities, sightseeing tickets: will Wine Tour is your most expensive operation with about 90 EUR/day. Go to the Eiffel Tower will cost from 7 to 17 EUR and the Palace of Versailles will cost 25 EUR. Tower of London about 25 GBP.
The trip by plane and boat across the River to have price 24-40 EUR. Most of the museums and tours begin at about 14 EUR (of course it is cheaper in the East). The all day tour is priced from 35-100 EUR. The price varies from country to country and season tourism, should be on here you should only reference rather than should apply correctly.

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