The common expenses you should know when to Cinque Terre

As home to the world’s most colorful villages of the Cinque Terre are beautiful purse as a canvas lying on the craggy cliffs, along the coast of Liguria, the North West of Italy.

Cinque Terre is the name the locals where this latest from the 15th century, the Italian translation means five lands, by this place has 5 beautiful villages including: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Over the centuries, despite the impact of the development of tourism, but Cinque Terre retains seem untouched and unique architecture of the ancient village. Cinque Terre travel need to prepare and the costs would be popular? Join Cricket Free learn to prepare for their cruise travel Italy perfect for me!
You will have to pay about 20-25 EUR per night 4-6 dormitory and about 50 EUR for a private room. Reviews often include free Wi-Fi and bed linen.
A night in a hotel 2 stars cheap about 60 EUR (expected to pay additional 20 EUR in high season). This is included in the price of basic hotel facilities, such as a private bathroom, free Wi-Fi and tv. Some hotels offer free breakfast.
The average food cost
Cinque Terre is a place where the food is not cheap. Overall, the meal in the restaurant price from 25-35 EUR for a meal with a drink. Most of the restaurant is open for lunch, then reopened about 12 hours for dinner. In most of the restaurant, adding 3 EUR for “coperto” includes service and bread at the table. You can buy cheap wine at the store about 5 EUR per bottle and pizzas, paninis, or focaccia with 4 EUR, and a whole pizza price 12 EUR.
Travel expenses
The Cinque Terre have a system of hiking, connect all the cities, it is useful to first choice for visitors. If you go for a long time, please buy the Cinque Terre Card (17 EUR). This card allows unlimited access to trains, buses, and walkways that connect the villages in a day. If you decide to take the train, make sure you get a ticket because they seriously examine and take out the fines.
Proposed budget
50-70 EUR/60-80 USD (Note: this is the proposed budget assumes you are in the dormitory, Cook and use public transport.
Walking in the area
Walking trails is the best and cheapest way to visit famous landmarks in this place.
Eating pizza and paninis
Meals sitting in this area is very expensive. Bread pizza cheap and if you want to save money. Also can the picnic from the grocery store in the city is made of fresh cheese, pesto and focaccia.
Get the Cinque Terre card
You will have access to all of the hiking trails, shuttle buses and WiFi about 8 EUR per day. You can also get the train, Cinque Terre card includes all the same privileges with unlimited train trip around the Cinque Terre with 17 EUR/day.
Skip the bread
Some restaurants will charge more for bread or toast on the table but not for you to know about it until the check arrives, and you can not use it, send it back if you want to save costs.
Walk the Cinque Terre
Any visitors or any local will tell you that you must climb the Cinque Terre to really feel the beauty in it. In fact, most people come to the Cinque Terre is to walk. The coastal walk is the easiest way and the best way to see the town. If you want to discover the obstacles, then take a walk on the red line through the hills and vineyards. You are allowed to go to all of the hiking trails, shuttle buses and WiFi about 8 EUR/day with the Cinque Terre card.

During the holidays, the beach area becomes crowded. Rent a boat/kayak – located on the water, watching the cliffs become more dramatic, intense colors, and blue water deeper. This is a special way to discover in the town. The price for rent starting from 5 EUR/hour.
View Christmas in Manarola

If you were to visit from December 8 to January end should not ignore this festival. Christmas is the Christmas morning scene Manarola in the world, and the opening ceremony is a major event.

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