The costs you should know when to Seville

Seville is the city gathered all the most attractive, most, a cultural arts capital of southern Spain is the Roman Empire attracting numerous tourists when the first Spanish arrived.
In addition to traveling to Seville. You will admire the massive square with the Giralda.
Lodging: holiday house price of the average dorm 10-20 EUR per night in a hostel in the Center, with the price will increase in the summer months. The private room about 30-60 EUR for a double room. Free WiFi is standard in all dorms and have free breakfast and a few in the city.

The option of camping around the city quite limited, although there is a campsite within the bus. It has a basic camping facility as well as an outdoor swimming pool, and prices starting about 5 EUR.
Budget price Hotel
You can find a double hotel room/night good for price 40-70 EUR in Seville, with slightly higher rates in the summer months. Many in the room right next to the famous Cathedral of Seville are very convenient for you to choose from.
Airbnb is also available in the city, with shared accommodation at a cost of about 22 EUR/night. If you want a complete apartment or home for yourself, you will have to pay nearly 80 EUR/night.
The average food cost: the desire to get a delicious meal for 15-18 EUR including drinks. Fast food (McDonald’s) will cost 7 EUR for each meal. If purchase groceries, food value in a week you will have to pay from 25-40 EUR
If you plan to drink a little more wine and want to save yourself a little money, buy grocery store wine. Beer and wine in the country can afford to be less than 50% compared to a bar/restaurant. For local foods and fresh foods, check the Triana market (Note: it closed on Sunday).
Travel expenses: city buses painted red orange or red paint cost 1.30 EUR for each journey. If you buy a Bonobus pass it costs EUR 6.40 for 10 rides, saving you almost 7 EUR. Certainly there are to pass if you will be using the bus often! To and from the airport is quite simple, with a one-way bus trip cost 4 EUR. However, when exploring the city center, the walk is a great option. Bicycle rental is also a great way to get around, with the price of rent per day take only 1-2 EUR/hour (after paying the registration fee of EUR 12.30).

Proposed budget: proposed budget when staying in dormitories, often cooking for his meal, use the local transport approximately 40 EUR/USD 42.
Visit Seville: free church on Sunday morning, it was free until 2:30 afternoon. Come early to avoid the crowd.
Get Bonobus: If you plan to use the regular bus, take a pass. If you use Bonobus, you’ll save nearly 7 EUR-enough to buy yourself a little more wine!
Couchsurf: there are many accommodation free in the city, so this is a great way to save you a few euros. Not only will you save money, but you will be able to connect with the local scene with much greater capacity. Just be sure to request early in the busy summer months.
Buy your own wine: while the drinks are more expensive in the bar and restaurant in Seville (and Spain in General), you will save a lot of money if you buy your own wine and beer.
With the cost of travel that Cricket Free medium for sharing, hope will help you plan the perfect trip to Seville of Spain. Also you can consult more experienced knowledge of interesting tourism and the European tour, cheap European landtour, …

Wish you have a wonderful trip when coming to this city!

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