When did you go to Paris at the time of the year?

Usually in large cities in Europe such as Paris, the hot and cold season two distinct chemical fertilizers. On a beautiful sunny summer is almost most of the time, not too hot because it is the temperate water, however, you will have to face the amount of tourists flock to the capital of France. In winter the Sun is still sunny days however, the cold and murky accounting.

According to my experience, the most beautiful is the time you should go to Paris at the end of the month of 4-5, the sky still se the chilly but pleasant, or in autumn the weather is also very beautiful. The time between April and November is low season (low-season) that you can save a maximum of costs as well as the hotel when traveling to Paris.
In addition, you can consult additional information about participating in the event, the free Festival in Paris, which again helps to understand more about the culture-history of this famous city. Can here some events such as the military parade and fireworks on Bastille (14/7), the activity in the fake beaches Paris Plages River area in August as a solarium, sport, art, white nights Arts Festival, Nuit Blanche on October when that public media, exhibitions, museum open free, and Christmas in December. You should check in advance on the web such as Bonjour Paris or About Paris time, information about the location of the Festival.
One to Paris in mid-April had the opportunity to see the cherry blossoms season. Best places to see the cherry blossoms in Paris, this range is the Cherry Blossom Park-Parc de scaux, remember is the right occasion okay because flowers bloom and also very fast. The Park at the edge of the city, away from the Center are also slightly away from it.
Walking in Paris

If you come to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport: from the airport Charles de Gaulle you just find their way out the door to go transit trains in the airport to Terminal 2, catch the train RER B city center with fares of about €10 (should be purchased directly from the lounge where there is information counters in the airport Yes, if that purchase tickets in the subway stations often have to queue long risks because of the automatic ticketing machine can not get your card).
If you go through Orly Airport:
Orly airport is a small airport Monday in Paris after CDG, here you can catch the bus transit center in Paris and the last point is Ben Denfert-Rochereau. To go to Orly you also catch the bus from this point but remember that the last trip of the day to end at 10:00 at night, by night there is no active flight. The fare is about € 8-10, weekly.
Walking in the City Center: ticket prices travellers for each leg is € 1.8, if you must go to the Metro deal should consider buying a boat trip with 10 cards cost about €14
To find out details about the walk in Paris you check out this article: the experience of travel in Paris and the train in France
Hospitality (hotel/hostel/couchsurfing) in Paris

The map below depicts the location in Paris, the County is located in the Center is from District 1 and District 7, where most of the museums and tourist attractions. If you are in Paris, when Couchsurfing is a good thing because that can communicate and exchange with a local culture, much as they did his tour guide if free space but also introduced many indigenous peoples only where they knew. CouchSurfing or Airbnb is a method of reducing costs at best, especially with Paris, one of the most expensive cities in Europe. CouchSurfing is at 100%, also thanks to Airbnb is in thanks to pay (if anyone not familiar with AirBnb can click here to open an account, they’ll donate $25 to account for reservations).

If not in Couchsurfing you also easily find the hostel through Booking.com, Agoda or Hostelworld, but I suggest that you should choose the hostel/hotel is located in the region between the Centre and the outskirts of Paris, this is the point where the price is not too expensive that goes back into the city is also quite handy. There is not any special recipes in addition to you up there reading the review, see the location is near the attractions or near, metro, and select OK.

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