Mountain driving experience when travel to Vietnam

Today I’ll write a sharing experience for those mountain running cars or you don’t have any experience.
This is my personal experience, some people like to teach you a lot of experience. The Palace North pass, additional road drive is something that you need to have some experience or new operation.

The first is to prepare thoroughly, in each vehicle’s journey. This is very necessary, because there are many minor faults that will affect the entire journey if you do not pay attention. Don’t be sorry if the first tire has too much wear. Tire wear can easily cause a brand platform to slip into a crab pie. To the next brake, the oil. If the oil gets dark, now. Small machine running channel number hot, long bad will affect the engine of the car. In addition, the light angle and screw… You should put the car maintenance car comprehensive inspection of one of the best ways. Don’t be shy, because the journey is safe and smooth.
Run in variable slope, slope: in front of a friend to some, about 40 – 50 meters. 40 50km / H and keep both hands at the station. Some people get used to the new gradient to the feet, to the second station pull. One is that plane will be very large. Follow the car was suddenly increased in the low gas car air force will soon stop machine more heat, called the station before the increase of wheel leg gradient increases, it is sweet to increase the speed of driving down. Remember to put your hand to increase gradient at the train station, if the train station is not fast.
If it is found at the running gradient, the rate of descent starts slowly, and now the digits and hands are standing.
On the ramp number, number: if you use third straight, down ramp is also running at third. This is called the forced use of these numbers, so that the brakes will allow rapid decline without TB. If on the downgrade, you can get higher, or even No. 2, No. 1. It’s dangerous to keep the car going too fast.
Discontinuous braking: especially when the upper and lower slopes do not continue to hold the brakes (brake or brake), they tend to cause the cheeks to be tied and the brakes worn quickly. Here is your first run through Ukraine was tied between your rear brake brakes, because of a series of consequences after the dead to find a car repair shop cake. You can drop a figure like the number above to make the car slow. If the big car is still drunk, you can combine the light brake pedal and the brake buckle before releasing. Operating rhythm, avoid pulling the brake before (especially the brake disc) can fall.

Crabs are not too large: passages that are usually of poor quality. There’s a lot of dust on the rocks, and it’s easy to hold around and see if it’s easy to roll big crab cakes, especially if you’re scared and a car goes retrograde.
When in the corner angle of sight horn signal notice: if someone on the contrary. I have seen many cases, the noise of the children down national gap drifting gradient, usually hold the crab very bold, he don’t honk you go directly to my own.
Restrictions: heavy fog at night, visibility restrictions, night running is dangerous. If it is unfortunate to run at night, you should put those plastic lights with a yellow ability to increase light in the fog. Mode (COS lights near) and overlooking the road. Because we can’t see it, we only see the road ahead. The general restriction is that it runs at night.
Clothes: tank chain in automobile repair personnel should have at least one friend’s car basically is the trial. As the channel car and disabled, then rely on their own. With luck, you will have a what people stop to help you.
When running a regiment, you should keep the minimum safe distance, and avoid the brakes, a car will lead to the situation. If you are experienced, people are unhappy.
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