What is needed for a perfect travel trip?

Travel should take some medicine antipyretic, anti nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, cough medicine, a small bag of cotton, gauze, a bottle of disinfectant povidine 10% small (about 30ml), two bottles of saline resistance of a bottle of medicine, ten small eyes, a band aid, tube external medicine resistance itch and some medicine such as asthma, hypertension, epilepsy, anti… Especially away from home, medical facilities, or pharmacies.
When foreign tourists need to carry the basic medicine, because the drug is expensive the patients need doctors and experts for your appointment, cannot be found immediately. So, a few days before departure, so to see a doctor, if you travel when the long-term treatment of chronic diseases.

Even if you want to move with your own car, you can also bring your own essential drugs and, if necessary, you can use it, not on the streets of hospitals and pharmacies.
Water: should bring a small 333ml, each person a bottle, drink enough time, you need to eat normal. Note that water must have enough energy to travel (children, a 1.5 liter / day, adults 2 – 2.5 liters / day). When you see lips dry, urine less, urine yellow means lack of water, so check the urine color and quantity of the little boy.
Food: if individuals travel, at their own expense group, should choose those bars, restaurants, health reputation, to avoid being chopped and food poisoning or nausea.
The more luggage the better: clean and tidy, especially in summer. If the short day of travel (a few days), so the backpack is the most convenient, because through the moving medium is very easy and convenient. Many days to turn the car skidding in the case, if there are more dimensions. Luggage or suitcase should not be too heavy, which can easily affect the spine (caused by back pain, prolapse of the intervertebral disc). Let the children manage their own baggage, bring a small backpack or briefcase.
Foreign tourists:
Singapore Tourism, you must not litter, because it is easy to be found, affecting the “national dignity” and received severe punishment (hundreds of dollars Singapore).
When traveling in Australia, should not take food from plant and animal sources (fresh and dry), American tourists should not take seafood dry shrimp……

When you go to Thailand, don’t let the coin drop in Thailand. There’s Wang Lu. If you drop it, you can’t kick the coin with your foot. If anyone finds the local good, you’ll have to be punished for the defamation of the king.
Tourism in the Middle East and some Muslim countries (Malaysia, Indonesia), should not see a woman with a veil of the face, especially in the near distance, should not only for Muslim women, Restroom at the airport, hotels, public places, cultural reasons for different customs and culture, and in the comfort of different standards, so you need to pay attention to the service object of personal activities. It is worth noting that the toilet toilet, each design is different, should pay attention to.
When preparing for a thorough “logistical”, mentally comfortable, eating healthy, tasty, sleeping spots, exploring…… You will enjoy the moments of happiness, the stresses of life, unhappiness, health, and work will be more effective.
Escape skills
It is very important, but most people paid little attention to, this is the export of technology management, when there is a fire accident, natural disasters (such as hurricanes, floods, tsunami, earthquake), in tourism, especially in the evening.

You should practice the habit of “positioning”, we are sitting eating, sleeping, sitting in the direction, door, window, how many meters, on the right or left side, how many meters away from the exit, the four corners of the world, right, left, front or in the back……

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