Some tips on saving money when go to Valencia

Valencia a great town in Spain, where it has attracted visitors by the remnants of a colony with extremely modern architecture or the ones you’ll be relaxing on the beaches of the same mellow, relaxed atmosphere.
Valencia deserves is that you need to experience in his European tour. If you do not know or also disturbed the cost to Valencia how the coal article summing these costs when it came to Valencia below!

The price of lodging: holiday house prices start to cost approximately 10 EUR/night and usually most motels will have the price is approximately EUR 12. The private rooms in the residence of Valencia average about 35-60 EUR for a double room (a bit cheaper in the summer). Free WiFi is standard, and a few hostels in the city even when the free breakfast. Camping is available just outside the city, with an area ranging from 6-15 EUR/night (at a higher price in the summer months).
Reviews Hotel: Hotel began about 35 EUR/night, but usually hovers in the range of EUR 45-60 is more common. While a number of cheap hotels in the city offer things like free breakfast or a pool, most are pretty low. Airbnb is a good budget option in town, with room for about 20 EUR per night. If you would like to have an apartment or House, you will have to pay 60-70 EUR per night.
The average food cost: You can buy cheap meals and tapas with a price of about EUR 6-12. It will include about 3 or 4 tapas. If you want alcohol, you will have to spend about 18 EUR for each meal. A delicious restaurant meal will take you back to about 24. Cheap food such as McDonalds and Maoz cost about 7 EUR. If you buy your own food, you’d like to spend about EUR 30-40 for downloads of a grocery store.

If you plan to eat at the beach, you will have to pay about 5 EUR for the sandwich and 35 EUR for the seafood dinner. If you drink beer and wine for about half the price if you buy it for yourself and drink at least go a bit instead of you drink in the bar or the restaurant cost about EUR 3.75 and beer only cost approximately 0.75 EUR.
Travel expenses
buses and trains cost 1.50 EUR for a trip within the city. If you have 24-hour travel card offers you discounts for attractions and free shipping, and the the price of EUR 13.50 (48 and 72 hours is available for EUR 18 and 22.50 EUR).
To and from the airport with a one-way bus ticket 1.45 EUR. Metro to airport, with one-way tickets starting from EUR 1.50. You can rent bicycles in the city, every hour or every day, with the price change depending on the season. Expect to pay about 10 EUR per day.
The proposed budget for the day: a budget as soon as you are in Valencia when you rent in dormitories, often cooking dish and use the local transport costs approximately 40 EUR/USD 42.
Visit the free walking tour
like most cities in Spain you will have many opportunities to take advantage of the free walking tour. The tour provides a great overview of the history of the city.
The budget for food
Valencia has a lot of great seafood restaurants and it is famous city. Enjoy this once in a while and enjoy a delicious meal by the beach.
Mercado Center Tour
This is the main fruit and vegetable market in Valencia. Buy snacks, meals and grocery store here can reduce your dining budget.
Lunch in the Museum
Restaurant floor in Museo de Prehistoria free delicious 3-course lunch with only 10 EUR. The service starts at 2 pm.
While the hostel is quite cheap in the city, with a local will help you save some money. This is also a great way to connect with the local landscape and get a better feeling about the city and its people.
Get a travel card
If you plan to see the many sights and use more public transportation, then consider taking the Valencia tourist card. It comes with 1.2, and the 3-day options and offer discounts across the city in addition to free shipping and free entry to some certain attractions.

International sailing sports flags from around the world. Valencia has held numerous U.s. Cup contest, so the city has a tradition of great sailing. Stroll around the harbor and soak in the maritime way of life.

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