Top 5 places up until the European tour

Here are Top 5 places should come when European tour due to TravelGreat.Club selection for you this summer
This is a unique, beautiful island. The architecture here is interference between the Roman culture, Islam as it undergoes several stages with the dominance of the different countries. However if you plan to go to Sicily, you have to prepare mentally is tidy consuming money, from hotels to food as well as the service. According to Tastes, this destination match those already out of school rather than to students.

Leaning tower of Pisa in the eyes of Curious not only famous because unique tilt that its architecture is also really great. Located right next to the building architecture is an equally impressive. Although it is not known by his personal but think it is magnificent and beautiful than the Pisa. Came to Pisa, then can’t eat ice cream in it because of the “rumor” that is the most delicious Italian ice cream .
The Netherlands is very small so you can go back and forth between the two largest cities in the Netherlands (Amsterdam and Rotterdam) within less than a half.
If you want to go see the modern architecture, unique then you should go to Rotterdam with many architecture buildings such as cubic, cable-stayed bridge. Amsterdam again intrigued with the adherents of art by renowned museums . Red light district Walking Tour along the river Amstel Canal walk and also very interesting.

Go to the most beautiful Dutch in Easter, when tulips bloom. In addition, you can watch the world famous Keukenhof flower garden-however note should not come too late because United will be broken (bonus flower garden closed in about 20/5. There are also two incredibly interesting is Madurodam-a miniature model city of the famous architecture. The second is the village of Zaanse schanse many windmills, ancient houses and experience the introduction how wooden shoes.
Bruges (Belgium)
Though only a single day in Bruges but Northern Venice also impressed enough to Tastes, with the system of canals and ancient architecture. It only takes two hours by train from Lille (France), you can take advantage of the fresh atmosphere, idyllic natural setting. A boat tour on the canals in Bruges, don’t miss out!
In the eyes of curious, Munich didn’t “seem” is a tourist town. The two destinations for the city’s central square and the BMW Museum. However the Germans will feel an air of polite civilization. Everything all feels a logical and neat of a dynamic and modern municipalities.

Some experience about going back to move between the countries of Europe , University of Southampton, United Kingdom)
If moved from Paris-Amsterdam-Brussels, you can choose a less expensive train ride Euro star train is very expensive and as intermediaries when moving in the EU should if be, you should directly book Thalys will be cheaper.
Walking in Paris, quite similar in London, to save, you should buy the ticket the day. The location away (except Versailles) are located in zone 1, 2, 3 should purchase tickets 3 zone will cheaper than the 5 zone. If you can see the Palace of Versailles in the public traffic map of Paris (download or ask at the train station), take out the dock in zone 3 is located close to the zone 4 and then buy tickets, only about 3euro/weekly is to Versailles. Also if do not want to change the 6-9 euro/weekly.

Almost the city would also have the website to search the train/bus/ + ticket price. Just go to Google Map click on the bus icon/image tube/Pier  is seen that site. This operation is very efficient to plan walk as well as booking a hotel. Hotels near the main sights of attraction is often more expensive than pretty much, so you can choose the hotel centre a (go bus about 20-30 minutes) for cheap. The important factor is that the hotel is located near bus and you should also remove the time reading reviews (review) of others to decide.

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