Top 5 special beaches in Indonesia

Indonesia is a destination very familiar to Vietnam, particularly since there is a law exempting visa for Vietnam tourism in Indonesia. To Indonesia you can visit these places every UNESCO World Heritage certification as to the Borobudur and Prambanan, Komodo National Park (in Nusa Tenggara), Kulon National Park (Banten), or tropical rainforest Sumatra.

Bali is a land of beautiful and impressive, so much so that you may become stupid and stupid to think that here is a picture: golden rice fields stretch of hillside nursery looks like giant footsteps, the crater opening to deprive themselves of ROAR above clouds, dense forests and warmly , the beaches are bathed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.
However, tourists should still learn the most updated information regarding travel in Bali, because the terrorist bombings of 2002 and 10/2005 month at the tourism still haunt and leave heavy sequelae, and the threat that has yet to be cleared.
If you go to Indonesia for holiday resorts, look to these beautiful natural region and enjoy the fresh air, you should not ignore this special 5 beaches!
Nihiwatu Beach, Sumba
This is the beach ranked 17 among 100 best beaches in the World by CNN. Sumba is an island in the Lesser Sunda Islands, the area has quite a few people with a source of water and nature. In the resort you can enjoy a refreshing moments for when is lying on the sea and sunset views extremely marvelous fantasy. This is the place for anyone wanting to see the coral diving or surfing.
Beach of Canggu, Bali
Continue in the ranking of CNN, the Word Beach Canggu reached 39. With the gentle waves or larger is always challenging, compelling factors for the amateur and professional surfers. The evenings here are very peaceful because there are not too many fun activities, in return you’ll immerse yourself in the daily life of local people. If you want to leave the tumult of the city, experience a new culture of your country then this is the ideal destination.
Beaches of the East Kalimantan province, Derawan
Stroke is still wild nature, the same quality relaxation has nothing to complain, you also have the chance to see the turtles leave the drive to return to the beach, great House.
Beach of Balikpapan, East Kalimantan province
Beaches of Balikpapan City of the same name in Indonesia, a tourism Center and the trades related to the important maritime in Kalimantan. Interlaced between the municipality and nature, you will not fear too boring or stuffy in the city. Come and feel.
Dreamingland Beach, Bali

True to the name of the island-poetic and beautiful-you’ll enjoy the moment in the clear waters, sunbathing, relax on the white sand. This place is also famous for the large waves, attracting the extreme surfers.

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