Travel Experience consulting Europe Cheap: Things that should be done

Walk around the Cinque Terre-A memorable experience when in Italy, this is a beautiful town with hundreds of vineyards and oliveyards. Fun jewelry deal of the vineyards, take beautiful photos will make you forget.
Enjoy wine and eat along the French Riviera coast
Let’s have fun under the Sun, enjoy the cuisine of the rich and famous, and watch the giant yachts. You can experience the luxury of living a life with fairly cheap prices.
Visit Krakow
Krakow seem as drawn up by a great pen Member, it’s even more beautiful Prague! Steeped in colour and new things.

Explore Cornwall
Britain’s most famous is definitely London, but so few people left London to discover other places, Cornwall area with cheaper, local people more friendly, more natural beauty, hiking, the hills, small towns and master what you think about the “traditional English” is a place to explore , WE really were very surprised when coming here.
See the Alps
Whether you go skiing in winter or in summer, walking the Alps there are always some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. In fact, although Italy, France or Switzerland, all the Alps is great!
throwing Festival La Tomatina-this is actually one of my favorite Festival, in about an hour, people throwing tomatoes at each other and streets become steeped in tomato juice. Then, people go down the River, clean up, and then go to the neighborhood to sangria and music.
Find more than Dracula in Romania
Not many people visit to Romania but this is the road in Eastern Europe have yet to discover the medieval towns, beautiful beaches on the Black Sea and the amazing trip I spent 30 dollars a day here and experience the country without the noise of the crowd as other places.
Visit the pub in Budapest
The best nightlife in Europe was found in Budapest. The pub was built in abandoned buildings and lots, and the pub was arranged, the artful decoration. It is interesting and wonderful places to meet local people. People of all ages are herds here. If you skip the bars, you missed one of the most unique things about the city.
Chat in Scandinavia
My favorite Region in Europe is Scandinavia. The quality of life here is high, beautiful and friendly natives, the city clean and historic. My highlights include Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gotland, the Kingdom of Norway, and Lapland in Finland.
Walking in the El Camino
Camino de Santiago (the way of Saint James) is an ancient pilgrimage stretching from France to Spain. This is a long road 800 km run through some incredible terrain, often takes more than a month to complete. Of course, you can only walk part of it because you don’t have the time to experience all the way.
Drink delicious whisky in Islay
Whisky has a long history in Islay. The 16th century the first Whisky to be appear and begin popular in Europe. In the 19th century it became an extremely popular drink
Explore Iceland
Iceland is a country where you will find waterfalls and hot springs in every place, with vast scenery unlike anywhere else in the world. If to Iceland in the summer you can have the opportunity to watch whales here.

A word of encouragement is that you absolutely should not be playing at the casino. Don’t let the experience the new land was lost by the attraction of casino. Please note the preserved items such as mobile phones, bags, … when taking photos, souvenirs sale, … In addition, be the smart choice, purchase merchandise, know the bargain to avoid buying expensive goods to. The shop can sell you cheaper price compared with the price of stamps inscribed on the packaging if you know how to pay.

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