Travel Experience consulting Europe Cheap: Things to experience in Europe

Have a lot of experience should try Europe if tried will probably take a lot of time, with the experience of his European tour, WE will list out some activities, outstanding experience to suggestions for your trip.
Wandering in Paris
he capital is the city of light that attracts the most tourists in the world. It is also one of my favorite cities in the world. Take time to wander around Paris, watching these beautiful natural wonders, attend the festival fun hospitable people here.

Explore Amsterdam
Not only famous by red light district and the Cafe, the city has a lot of things attracted me, the streets by brick and concrete around the lovely canals. Amsterdam has an art scene and the friendly people of great hospitality.
Greek Islands
one of the places are coming for summer fun, the beaches, the Green Island along the mythical holy sites. Santorini is a place that has left an unforgettable impression. The island of Ios is the Centre of Greece, Kos and Crete are popular destinations for the Brits, Santorini has many historic landmarks, Mykonos and Paros. With hundreds of Islands, you can always find what you are looking for.
Relax in Barcelona
Barcelona is a city that never sleeps in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and Barcelona has all the requirements for your entertainment: stunningly beautiful and bustling nightlife, there’s a beach as jade, Gaudi architecture and historic relics from the Roman era.
Experience life in London
Learn English culture in many different countries. The Museum here is one of the most amazing places in the world (free), excellent culinary and cultural diversity. I love London by the essence of it, people here they often indulge in a finical and meticulous direction and make sure that the costs in London are never cheap.

Energy Berlin
Berlin is one of the cheapest cost in Europe, Berlin is a city of vibrant art, is the source of the hip hop movement. The art museums in Berlin are also very famous.
Which has the most affordable of the EU with the vibrant music and arts scene and a burgeoning food movement. There are many kinds of cheap food in the Middle East. Be sure to check out the history of the Museum-which is one of the best in the world.
Drink beer at the Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest is the largest beer festival in the world to be held in Germany in September about a lot of beers, ebullience, music and fun. See thousands of people singing together, enjoy toast and party atmosphere makes you feel good about the world. This is the Festival that attracts millions of visitors around the world to participate.
Scenery to dazzle in Prague
Prague is a beautiful city with great history. It is a cheap destination in the weekends, people can comfortably enjoy at bars with cheap beer and delicious food. This is one of the beautiful city of Nice and take away a lot of my emotions.
Enjoy great outdoors in Interlaken
located on the beautiful mountains of Switzerland, Interlaken is an ideal place to relax with a hiking trip, here is famous for hot chocolate and outdoor sports. It is a good choice from all the cities and museums that you often see. Interlaken is also the destination of tourists and travel from many parts of the world.
Take the train to explore Europe
European international rail system. You can easily go from country to country by rail system with a cost relatively little. Definitely in the journey so you will see a lot of visitors with the same idea with you, strip and scenic trip will certainly give you a great experience like I did.
Discover Rome

the city has a long history of great culinary and nightlife fun. Moreover, with small streets to wander throughout the city (you can’t walk two feet without problems), it is the dream of a historical person.

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