The famous places you should visit in the London trip

You must have known about the religious definition of the various Knights period in London, but only in the movies, that’s hard to take place to direct them. So please join us, visit the ancient temple style of religious Knights earlier period in London.
The temple at Middle Temple Hall and the Inner Temple Hall
Middle Temple Hall and the Inner Temple Hall. These are two of the shrine has attracted poor compared to 2 of the shrine of St Paul’s Cathedral or Trafalgar Square. Yet it has only to the Emperor and splendid page, which few people know is that it has a secret: formerly the stronghold of the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar focus here since 1185 and dissolved in 1312. During his time here, they built the temple, monastery of Middle Temple Hall and the Inner Temple Hall.

To visit the temple Church
From the year 1185 of the 12th century, they built the temple Church in London EC4Y 7BB. It is not as large as two of the shrine Temple Hall and the Inner Temple Hall. But the rather unique structure also makes you hard to refuse to visit. The shrine containing the configure domed wheel has a radius of 17 m.
When entering inside, and upturn the Dome you will see the Gothic style fortress architecture. Observe around is the iconic Knights Templar William Marshal of Pembroke with the sword of the stone.
65 years later, the Church is increasingly enlarged and increasingly bold expression than Gothic style. It’s striking design is fairly impressive pillars and Windows with beautiful decorative Oriental style interior light. Therefore, the temple on will make your European travel more interesting things
In the dining room of the temple, Middle Temple
Middle Temple is the shrine of a 16th-century building near the Royal Courts of Justice. Also known for unique decorative architecture, it is also known for the Hall for meals. The Hall was quite extensive, with the range extending dining table also charming old paintings. Make sure to visit just once, you will have unforgettable memories for
The Temple of the Knights Templar in Lodon will make up European tour more exotic experience. With the full architectural style of the Ancient Knights Templar. Sure, you and the family will have the most wonderful memories while visiting the Temple of the Knights Templar in London.

A modern metro train station seems to make you familiar. But a station full of decorative works of art out there, then you’ve never seen. During the trip to Europe to visit Sweden today, let us together to visit the subway and the train station of the capital Stockholm. Where contains oodles but paintings and artifacts unique to your own art Sweden
Visit the station T-Centralen
T-Centralen was built in 1950 and is increasingly being added later. In 1970, he and the detailed add Ultvedt pattern for it. It is the work of green vines and flowers spread, creating a peaceful path for people to come out of the station.
The subway home in Högdalen
You will see at the top of the station, is the flower of tulip growing to 2.5 m, built in 2002. They build like waiting for the next train, and created for people waiting to board a more comfortable feeling when standing at the bus station waiting for the train.
The train station in Kungsträdgården
In 1977, Mr. Samuelson has transformed the station into subterranean gardens. The garden comes up the region’s rich history of Stockholm and Makalos Palace in the 17th century was built in 1825. Form to experience full of fun and novelty for your European trip
Like many stations built since 1970, Samuelson has created a cave tunnel maze. Like the classic piano keyboard wrapped together.
Métro in Radhuset
The station Radhuset is located on Kungsholmen Island, is inhabited by the Franciscans in the 15th century. He has created a pink cave and full of different archaeological. And the foot of the massive chimneys column with bold.
Terminal at Tekniska Högskolan
Tekniska Högskolan in Terminal has a pretty distinctive traits is the 12-sided blocks represent the 4 elements of the universe, Earth, water and air, for the whole universe and the progress of the technology of the human species.
Unique it is the fun of the Rainbow lobby, representing the Olympic Games
The above terminal must have made you feel overwhelmed. With artistic paintings and spectacular buildings. Create a feeling of relaxation and comfort for his visitors. Not to go back but also as places to travel. It absolutely deserves is the destination for European trip ahead of you.

Visit Britain and coming to London will make an enjoyable experience. Not only the beauty of the famous attractions that are all pretty interesting festivals held in March. You come and feel the traditional belief in the special Festival in London

Europe is the ideal destination of numerous tourists in the world!

At present, Europe has become a destination of many who preferred travel especially the young. Europe is not only a place with endless beauty as romantic novel, with interesting dishes, typical of each area … but it is also the cradle of world civilization. Travel Europe you will enjoy the most amazing picture of the old continent, to experience, to accrue more experience living.

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Recently, when the United States lifted the embargo with Cuba, then a vacation in the Cuba more options in your travel itinerary. Not only famous for cigars Havana, idyllic beaches which Cuba in General and Havana in particular has become one of the most exciting destinations in the Caribbean.

Note When the hotel issue travel to Europe

Europe-the ideal location for the journey of travelers this summer. However, due to the big difference about the living environment as well as customs that you will need to learn and prepare thoroughly for the real trip if not want to encounter the trouble or the circumstances of the irony.

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Europe United European-romantic rate-travel Europe really is the dream of so many devotees travel. They hope to one day be set foot to the Champs Elysee watch Decorated towers, a stroll around the boat sits the city of Venice, or to the Netherlands where the garden of tulips to admire them standing. However not everybody with money enough to fulfill that dream. The following useful tips will save you a bunch of costs when visiting the super city in the continent.

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Discover the cuisine is one of the most attractive thing when you have a chance to set foot in a new land. Sure you won’t want to miss these delights and enjoy the full taste of the local cuisine where you visit.
To your European trip was perfect, Let’s note the differences and unique rules after enjoying the cuisine at the old continent.

The most expensive tourist cities Europe

The capital of Norway is not only rated the top in Europe that it also topped the world in the list of most expensive cities. According to estimates, if coming here, you will have to pay the 20% higher than the average of Western Europe. Specifically about the goods and services it is 70% higher than the average level of the world.

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30 USD for a sandwich in a restaurant meal, twice the world’s average level and stay in three-star hotels cost $270 per night … that’s the expensive price that Geneva brought to you.