Europe is the ideal destination of numerous tourists in the world!

At present, Europe has become a destination of many who preferred travel especially the young. Europe is not only a place with endless beauty as romantic novel, with interesting dishes, typical of each area … but it is also the cradle of world civilization. Travel Europe you will enjoy the most amazing picture of the old continent, to experience, to accrue more experience living.

But first, to be able to travel to Europe in a way fun and safe, you should note a few things:

The choice of destinations.
Europe is the continent’s vast, if not much time for long trips, it is best you should mark these important destinations, can not miss as drinking beer at the Hofbrauhaus, Munich, Germany or eating tapas in Barcelona or visit the Tate Modern in London.
You should also not ignore the place is called the symbol of Europe such as the Colosseum in Rome (Italy), the Eiffel Tower in Paris (France), the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic. By that’s truly great places for guests who travel Europe. When you’ve got the idea for the country, the city you want to visit, explore, together with the Foundation of the time allowed, the look to it with you will be very simple, gentle.

In Europe you will have to share space with millions of companion if traveling at around 7-9 months, it is considered the peak season of the year. Travel in this time period, you will also encounter many difficulties in finding accommodation, hotel or accommodation to rest. Vehicles such as boats, cars or planes also scarce or prices are higher than the normal level.

So, you should consider traveling to Europe in the fall or spring, or best if not afraid of the cold winter, everything will make you feel more peaceful with only his own space.
Also note that you should travel to Europe at the right time, participate in the Festival in the old continent as in Germany-Oktoberfest Beer Festival, exhibitions of contemporary art in Italy-Biennale, the tomato Festival in Spain-La Tomatina, the electronic music festival in Belgium-Tomorrowland , a summer music festival in Serbia-Exit …, you will certainly have great memories to unforgettable.

Europe beauty and friendly people, however though where you should also put the issue of security for themselves. Before traveling to Europe, you should learn a few basic sentences in languages such as the greeting, the basic question in the local language, or English, familiar question “Are you speak English-do you speak English not” to be able to swap in situations of need.
First European tour you also do not avoid the temptation, or deceived about the price. So, in these cases, you should be awake and use his cool to improvise in the case of paddle drag sale, or the vendors in Paris by the siege. If there is no sense of security then the best way you please quickly leave.
The jeans, the jacket is warm to always dress comfortable when you travel Europe.
For more advantages in the migration process you should also arrange gently. 3 jeans in the summer or warm coats to the winter is you can also comfortably unleashed purged between the European land in the short trip.
When traveling, you should bring a lot of money, be it cash, credit cards, traveler’s check-a type of cirque used to tourists can exchange the money. Credit card at least well enough to buy a plane ticket on water and preferably should not take off with the cash. The money should also be stored in different places in case stolen.
Credit cards are very important when you travel abroad
You also should not waste of time sat drinking beer, alcohol in bars, hotels or accommodation when traveling to Europe. Be bold to pay an amount of money may be called large to experience the features only available in Europe such as boat gondola (Venice), enjoy afternoon tea in London, German beer and eat smoked pig thighs … By which the will is one of those places that can help you discover many interesting things for a whole trip.

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