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Europe United European-romantic rate-travel Europe really is the dream of so many devotees travel. They hope to one day be set foot to the Champs Elysee watch Decorated towers, a stroll around the boat sits the city of Venice, or to the Netherlands where the garden of tulips to admire them standing. However not everybody with money enough to fulfill that dream. The following useful tips will save you a bunch of costs when visiting the super city in the continent.

Paris flower of France is one of the cities with the most expensive in the world. You will have to spend quite a lot of money if you want to spend the night at the Central hotel or resort in the world’s top class. Instead, you can find the home with affordable or apartments have more room to allow you to cook. You should search on the network and set to enjoy the most preferential price, avoiding the situation runs out of the room in high season.
In addition to savings, you should also not too momentum into the luxury stores around the Champs Elysees by flashy things here will make your wallet thin go fast
Between an expensive Paris, you can also search the famous places that free admission as the Luxembourg Garden, the Lady, the way Paris, the Promenade Plantée. Even if the right opportunity, you can get free tickets for visiting the Museum of the Louvre, the famous history of art on Sunday, the first of the month on 14/7.
There are many cheap media to help you walk around Amsterdam. Please visit the ticket counters of the GVB to buy a travel card is not limited. This will help you to save relatively if compared with the price of 2.8 euros per hour.
Additionally, as the capital of the bike, you can choose the means of this environment-friendly to wander throughout the city. There are many bicycle rental locations such as the Centraal Station, Leidseplein, Dam Square … Please be assured by the city traffic lights system and separate lanes for cyclists.
Taxi in Amsterdam is relatively expensive and often driving doesn’t get the short distance passenger service. Therefore, you should consider if you want to use a taxi to move.
Don’t worry! Is one of eight cities in the green capital award in Europe, in Amsterdam has about 30 parks, gardens open for free, allowing visitors are free to visit and enjoy the fresh air.

Venice’s tourist high season starts from about March to May every year. Therefore, the most recent previous hotel is necessary to avoid the situation of “fire Ward”. Not to the luxury hotels in Italy have pretty much two-star hotel. However the quality of some kind is not really good so you should learn carefully and refer to the remarks of those who had ever used on google or the page like aic, agoda,
To Venice without experiencing the feeling of sitting on a Gondola then unfortunately. The Italian guy stuffs will paddle boat Gondola take you to explore the city. However, the price to rent the boat is relatively expensive, about 80-100 euros per hour. Therefore, you should do it yourself or ask for hotel search the pair have the same needs to hire for reduced costs.
On the issue of eating, you can go to the supermarket to buy the food available or buy the map of Cook at the hostel. If there are more conditions, you can join the culinary tour as Cicchetti of Venice to tour food guide take away enjoy and explain you understand about the local cuisine features
Was dubbed the heart of Europe Brussels-Belgium always bring visitors to the fascinating feeling incredible. Besides these attractions can not visit the Grand Palace Square, Crystal blocks of iron Atomium – the symbol of Brussels, the statue stand pee boy Manneken Pis, the city also has many free attractions such as the Arc de Triomphe Brussels-Arcade, the Royal Palace-Palais Royal, European Parliament building – Parlamentarium Parking Parking Monnaie Opera House in 58. These locations are for you the opportunity to see the city.
Want to experience the culture of Belgian cuisine without costing too much cost, you can choose the flea here as the Place open on Wednesdays or Chatelaine markets near the Midi train station to open on Sundays. Visitors can taste the flavor of many fruits

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