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Rome-the Italian capital is considered one of the most attractive tourist destinations and not to be missed when coming to Europe.
The Church of St. Peter
Ranked 11th in the list of the cities are many tourists visit for the world, Rome in the ancient splendor but incredibly charming and artful with the architectural style from the Roman period. Below are the locations completely free that you can’t ignore once to the land full of traces of this history.

Inaugurated on 18 November in 1626, during the 400 years, the Church of St. Peter has become one of the most sacred places of Catholic leaders and is also one of the top tourist attractions in the world. Visitors must always long queue to enter the door after undergoing strict security checks.
The dome of St. Peter’s Church is the towering icon of the State of Vatican City, is the embodiment of the art fashioned our Late Renaissance and Baroque.
The most unique points of St. Peter’s Chapel is the Tomb area below the left Tower of the shrine-the burial of the Pope by hundreds of years.
Whether you are a Catholic, an art enthusiast or just a purely tourist, the Church of St. Peter is truly a point not to be missed.
Trevi fountain
The Trevi fountain is the most famous in the world with the marble statues are exquisitely sculpted, including pictures of sea God Neptune with two sides is two Tritons. This fountain was Nicola Salvi designed in 1762 and is the last marker of the ancient water system Aqua Virgo. The work is set up according to an icon in the film Dolce Vita. It has just been reopened after a restoration project embellished worth up to 2.4 million dollars.
Visitors to the Trevi fountain are both like to throw a coin into the water in the Lake of emerald green. It is believed that if you do, your wish will become true and you will return to Rome again.
Rare real ancient buildings would still remain relatively intact as the Pantheon in Rome Italy. Located right in the city centre, not far from Novona square, the historic Pantheon attracted the interest of many visitors. The temple area built in 125 a.d. under Emperor Hadrian.
After many burned and was renovating, restored under Emperor Traian, the Pantheon was rebuilt entirely and survive to this day. Other than the first temple, the face of the current Temple quay to the North instead of the South. Since the Renaissance to the present, the Pantheon was used for the tomb of the King of Italy Umberto I, Vittorio Emanuel II as well as musicians, leading painters such as Raphael, Annibale Carracc, …

Use the familiar materials such as concrete, tile, ceramic, same stone building intelligent, worthy of the Pantheon is the culmination of engineering thinking in Roman times and is a masterpiece of humanity.
Church Sans’Ignacio Loyola
The Church of Sans’Ignacio Loyola is one of the architectural highlights of the Roman Church. The Church was built in 1626 and died more than 20 years to complete. The original function of the Church is the chapel of the neighbouring Roman College but then moved to a larger church and renamed Pope Gregorian University.
To the Church Sans’Ignacio Loyola , you will not be able to move the eyes off the marble walls with decorative lines and sophisticated technologies. Turn their eyes to the ceiling, you will be overwhelmed with the splendid frescoes of the Church.
Don’t miss the work steps of Spain when the opportunity came to Rome. The Spanish steps is considered the center of Rome both literally and figuratively. This work included the 135 stairs were constructed from the year 1721 and completed in 1725. This works to attract tourists all over the world and is the romantic dating of local people. People often come here to sit, chat and immerse yourself in the beauty of the city. The work is built by France’s money source, the Holy See and the Church in France together with the Embassy of Spain.

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