Note When the hotel issue travel to Europe

Europe-the ideal location for the journey of travelers this summer. However, due to the big difference about the living environment as well as customs that you will need to learn and prepare thoroughly for the real trip if not want to encounter the trouble or the circumstances of the irony.
The note and following recipes will help you anticipate and avoid any unnecessary situations to your trip becomes more perfect.

To travel to Europe, you must undergo a relatively long flight journey. Please choose the airline with good quality, limiting the maximum number of times the connection and transfer the planes to help save you time and inconvenience.
In case of connecting flights, you pay attention to the information on the ticket and information shown on the electronic Board of the time, the port number, the number of seats. If you need help, you can reach the support desk or met with staff at the airport.
You should also be at the gate waiting for 30 minutes before boarding to avoid missed flights status or change the police departure. During the cruise, you remember to turn off the phone or moving air through the flight mode.
To minimize the situation the body tired and uncomfortable sitting in a long time, you should choose comfortable clothes, sweat absorbent, easy to drink enough water.
For European countries, besides a passport and VISA are important and indispensable, you also need fully prepared including papers confirm hotel booking, round-trip flight tickets, travel insurance has the time limit according to the flight schedule. These are papers that when immigration, security and customs staff will ask you to present.
Trouble travel Europe
Many tourists Vietnam hasn’t really interested in travel insurance issue but besides serving for immigration, insurance has a very important role to guarantee you a safe trip.
In the event of accidents or loss of property, insurance will help you a lot. Please read carefully the terms of the contract and the rights to which you are entitled.

 What would you do if upon arrival at the hotel, the front desk staff notified you not in the list of reservations? Upset, to or fear will not be able to help you resolve this situation. Instead, you should be very calm and polite attitude hold talk with the front desk or room Division Manager.
Europe travel incidents
If self booking hotels through an online system, provide for the reception of evidence to demonstrate that you have put the successful services such as message, the confirmation email. If through an agent or intermediary, you contact the people in charge to get help.
If after all efforts failed and most hotel rooms, you ask the front desk to find help yourself to a hotel in the same system or a facility to stay close.
However, to avoid undue inconveniences occur, it is best that you check on name check and confirm availability before departure about on 1-2.
Often in European countries, hotels in the downtown area is usually small, was built by the old Castle. Can not be served available towels, brushes, hair dryers, irons, … Therefore, you should actively prepare the widgets on if there is demand.
Note on security issues and other public places
Don’t ever think Europe is paradise and absolute safety. You will have to completely change the thinking by victims of theft, robbery took place boys everywhere. In particular, when moved in the public areas and crowded markets, supermarkets, railway stations, car terminals, wharves, … you should be very aware of the personal property protection.
Don’t bring too much cash or valuable items. Identification should be stored carefully in small bags in person to avoid loss.
If in the case of stolen, you go down and find the nearest place to the police station to report and ask for their help.
Besides, these are developing countries and European civilization, there are also separate provisions, especially in public areas. If left to do the regulations on, everyone around will throw you look very lack of sympathy or worse you may be fined. You act really sociable, polite to these countries.
In some places you will not be photographed without permission, not smoking or causing noise in the public area, no litter disposal, … Enter the household preferences continue so you remember to learn techniques for what should and should not do in your country to.

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