Note when you select items in the restaurantwhen at Europe trips

Discover the cuisine is one of the most attractive thing when you have a chance to set foot in a new land. Sure you won’t want to miss these delights and enjoy the full taste of the local cuisine where you visit.
To your European trip was perfect, Let’s note the differences and unique rules after enjoying the cuisine at the old continent.
Note When you select items in the restaurant
Don’t be surprised if you find the menu table reserved for tourists. This is what appears in the in restaurants in Europe. This menu is usually a restaurant, with an affordable price for visitors. Typically, a menu will include three basic dishes are shown to be specific to the local cuisine. If still fret not know what dish service call, this menu will be a not bad suggestion for you.
Note to eat when traveling in Europe
Most of the restaurants in Europe are served along with a long list of drinks. However, the price of the drinks this relatively harsh, for wines, cocktails. Therefore, if not a huge fan of this alcoholic drink, you call a glass of mineral water to save costs. If the communication was not in English, you can use body language by describing the action taken hand screw cap bottle, the waiter will understand immediately.

The weather in Europe relatively cool so people here don’t have the habit of taking more ice for the drinks. So don’t complain if you apply for more football that the staff just for you. 2 small.
In addition there are some habits when European dining you should also note that if don’t want to get people to look with the eyes lack of sympathy. For example, for Americans, the transition from hand-to-hand fork to use is how elegant food, but with the Europeans is not so. They will treat that is strange and even action is inappropriate. Please note only use fork and knife left hand-right hand throughout the meal. Even, even when using a spatula knife to show the decency, you should set both the wrist and forearm on the table, not to both elbows.
Usually, money tips for the staff in the restaurant were included in the Bill. But if employees have good service attitude, you don’t hesitate to withdraw most how to reward more for them because of the trying and enthusiasm with clients.
The food in the shop or restaurant in Europe in general are to follow a generic formula. If you have special food needs, for example you diet or allergic to one type of material, please give me the real requirements clear to the waiter to serve the dish properly.
If you are vegetarian, please explains to them not for the meat on your dishes. If you just use the word vegetarian to describe themselves are vegetarian, so you will probably not be serves 100% from plants because they understand that you just don’t eat red meat or eating less meat than usual.
Note When choosing food in Italy
If given the travel Italy-beautiful country, you will have to remember the great taste of the dishes that made the country’s brand image as a pizza, pasta. Cheeses of greasy pizza or tomato sauce with minced meat fragrance in the pastas will wake the taste of any of the customers.
However, please don’t add cheese (cheese) when eating in restaurants, because they will tell that you are sabotaging right meal Italian style.

Keep in mind some words to just cheap eateries in Italy as Osteria, trattoria, pizzeria because it can help you during the time hungry. If want to eat pizza at a price not be cheaper, please drop by the store Pizza rustica to be buy pizza by weight.
The best, with a first set foot in Europe, you should buy food, fruit or any type of widgets in the supermarket, convenience stores. Most of the items here are sourced and the price listed in a clear way. If a purchase in the market, please select the prestigious shops, has clear prices to avoid being scammed. Some of the items, the prices charged to indigenous people will be different than the price for tourists.
The Europeans seriously on the issue of food safety. Usually, whether in store or market, the Europeans believe that the bare hand to draw or hold food, the fruit is unsanitary and inappropriate.

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