The most expensive tourist cities Europe

The capital of Norway is not only rated the top in Europe that it also topped the world in the list of most expensive cities. According to estimates, if coming here, you will have to pay the 20% higher than the average of Western Europe. Specifically about the goods and services it is 70% higher than the average level of the world.
Olso, Norway
However, you can still visit this beautiful location as if you were a smart traveler. First of all, it should find out full information on Olso, about the discount program through the website Stay the night in the hostel or Guest House is a bad choice for your money.

Choose the free attractions such as the Vigeland Sculpture Park or Akershus fortress, you can also visit the beautiful island by ferries cheap here. A helpful tips for you not to come here at the end of autumn, the season of Nobel Awards ceremony because of the room up fainting widely admired. In particular, please ignore the alcoholic beverages because money is extremely high.
Paris, France
Pari is a typical city of expensive, you have to pay up to $600 for a night in luxury hotels, hotel rates average about $210. However, it is not all that price for the dining needs, always at a high level. So, the only way to save is to live as a local. Instead of staying in hotels, rent an apartment, you will get more than the amount you have to spend.
Not only that, the kitchen and refrigerator will help you reduce costs more than you think when you can manually prepared his meals because there are so many great food in Paris. To secure yourself, you should not go into the streets to be warned of danger for visitors.

Zurich, Switzerland
The city is regularly in the top 3 of the most expensive cities in the world. Hence, the suggestion about travelling is never superfluous. Please use the card thoroughly ZurichCard to tour museums, attend the tour and eating. You can also use to go back on the public facilities in an unlimited way, including tram, bus, train, boat …
A heartfelt advice is to never use taxis because of its price on the world’s highest category. Instead, you can choose a bicycle or public transport to visit the city.
Venice, Italy
With the same values of its history should not be surprised when Venice is one of the most expensive destinations of Europe. The price for a 3-star hotel in the Centre of about 180 USD. Thus, many visitors are often looking for the cheap room in the Centre, however, you need not worry because the cost for travelling is never cheap. Save for eating by eating as locals, head to the small bar serves cheap and tasty.
Travel on the river water by boat in Venice as a magnet that attracts tourists, but they’re extremely expensive should you consider before deciding to step up the boat. Instead, you should buy a Tourist Transit Pass-cards Water use means on the water with 3 price $24 for 12 hours of unlimited travel, $26 for 24 hours and $33 for 36 hours. So you can already see the comfortable Venice in various angles along the waterways and remember don’t forget to bring your camera.
Stockholm, Sweden
This is known as a super expensive cities in Europe. A one-day stay in this city will cost you about $500 (including hotels, taxis, dinner and cocktails). All hotels in Stockholm have high room rates and absolutely no exception. The best advice for you is to choose the hostel have private bathroom.
Not only is an expensive city, Stockholm is also known as the blue city for Europe.
The best time for your money when it comes to Stockholm is spring or autumn, this is the time of the room is relatively soft. Absolutely avoid the summer as if you do not want to become an empty bags of visitors.

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