Top 5 Cities should count once in your life when traveling in Europe

30 USD for a sandwich in a restaurant meal, twice the world’s average level and stay in three-star hotels cost $270 per night … that’s the expensive price that Geneva brought to you.
However, Geneva also brings many free utilities that you can use for your trip. A traffic card is the most amazing thing, you not only get a free ride from the airport to the hotel, but also can use unlimited on the media bus, tram, train, boats and the Yellow Cab. In particular, you may be instructed to use the free wifi in certain areas.

Geneva, Switzerland
A helpful tip for you is rather enjoying the sandwich 30 USD, visit the successful TripAdvisor and page to search the list of cheap eating in this expensive city.
Moscow, Russia
Moscow is in the list of the world’s most expensive cities. Visitors must take up to 8 USD for a cup of black coffee, $200 for a night at the hotel three stars and 530 USD in a luxury room. The better off, you should refer to the rates on the web page, and the choice of the place of stay away from Center to reduce the cost of your trip.
Visa to Russia is not easy, so you need to do step by step carefully to avoid being penalized, because the money goes back to fine is truly a great way should not have in your trip.
London, England
Not only in Europe, London also entered the list of the 10 most expensive cities in the world. Visitors must be able to cover most of the hooks to 450 USD per day here (including money for hotels, meals and taxis). However, you can also explore a round of London with his tight-budget by searching on the site free attractions, cheap hotels or cheap eating places.
The capital of United Kingdom is always a worthy destination in the dreams of many visitors.
In particular, you can make a cheap movie tickets than normal levels if the discomfort to the ticket sales room in the final minutes before capping the slideshow begins.
Copenhagen, Denmark

Whether you want a vacation, the modest Copenhagen still too expensive when you have to spend $440 for two people in one day (money for hotels, taxis, dinner and cocktail ). It shows that you have to maximize the services free or cheap for his vacation. Please use the card in Copenhagen to cut the costs for visiting and come again. There are many bicycle rental companies cheap in Copenhagen, that allows you the freedom to experience the beauty of the city today as the spin of the wheel.
A tip to save you is not recommended for more tips, as this amount has been charged to directly on your Bill.
Brussels, Belgium
Ranked  on this list is the city of Brussels, Belgium, where the administrative center of the European Union of the same statue Manneken Pis (the boy standing pee) is famous in the world. Is a large financial center should not be surprised when home prices and accompanying services are pushing up towering here.

However, that is not all that Brussels has, conversely, visitors can search for their hotels, hostels, cheap or free internet use. One thing to keep in mind when going to eat in the bustling streets here, make sure you buy the correct price to be announced. Better you should pay by cash, credit cards should not be used if you do not want to become a victim of card fraud.

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