Travel experiences in the Lisbon city – Northwest Europe

To Lisbon, then just walk, perhaps because the city was designed for the walk is mostly that. But the public transport in the city is easy, convenient, but cool!

The public transportation system of Lisbon named Carris, including bus, trams, funiculars, lift (a tram up the slope) and metro operations separate. Easy and save as you buy one card Via Viagem, tags used for many services and other cards, instead you have to buy the ticket on the ticket, and the odd other types of public transport of all Carris and Metro.

With the card Via Viagem (purchase price of € 0.5 1 year shelf life), you can load the card with the following services:
Odd tickets for the Carris and metro: If using a card lost 1.40 €/weekly
On tickets: price €6 and calculated enough 24 hours.
Zapping: used for both means of Carris and Metro, ferry, train, As much as possible be more promotional. If used for the price of just 1.25 Metro Zapping €/weekly.
Note that at one time you can only load on the card Via a Viagem in services on, if you want to use multiple types of services you are required to use most of the services are load more. In addition the automatic vending machines in metro also does not accept foreign bank cards. Experience if you go several times a day so the load on tickets in Via Viagem, if going at least use Zapping. Disadvantages of hard paper is Viagem Via, rather than a plastic card should you note use caution, to crumpled will no longer be used.
Also you might consider more LisboaCard card allows you unlimited use of all kinds of public transport in the city and many attractions, museums. LisboaCard price 24/48/72 hour type turn is (€ 18.50/€ 31.50/€ 39).
Map the types of public transport in Lisbon
Hotel in Lisbon
The city of Lisbon should have so many tourist locations with a variety of accommodation for you to choose, from budget type for saving backpackers to luxury 5-star hotel. Some of you should consider renting the room when to Lisbon:
Barrio Alto district: for anyone who loves the night life with quite a lot of bars, cafes, restaurants, cafe. The crannies in this area also very style.
Zone Santo Antonio: this area more broadly with the Avenue Avenida da Liberdade and the road for shopping, the big labels. Here you will find many luxury hotels and exclusive design, strange as the Heritage Avenida Liberdade.
Baixa-Chiado area: the heart of the city surrounded by many places of interest, the restaurant and the large square. Generally in this area is the most convenient.
Alfama District Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood: suitable for those who love to explore and nostalgic, especially near Lisbon Cathedral
In Lisbon also has a lot of people’s apartments available to rent, you can easily find them on Airbnb, if you want to stay in hotels for comfort anytime up search.
The cuisine – delicacies in Lisbon

With excellent geographical location with a long coastline, with long history of ocean exploration, Lisbon as Portugal are extremely famous for seafood, especially fresh seafood. They are very popular with Bacalhau-sea fish are caught from the North Atlantic and salting. In addition to the Mediterranean climate, the Portuguese still grow vegetables, olive and fine wines.
The castle was built by the Moors from the 11th century to date seem to be retained seems intact, just as a solid stronghold atop the Hill in Lisbon. From here can be sweeping the city, walk around the road follow the walls of the Castle, the quiet and the cultural values of the ancient city. Admission price: 8.5 €.
Lisbon Cathedral Church

The Church looked quite similar to Notre Dame de Paris, known as the oldest Roman Church in Lisbon and is the work of the Archdiocese of Lisbon. The highlight of the Church is the dome are gothic-style design, the outside looked like a fortress. Admission is free.

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