What gifts to buy when travelling to Cuba

Recently, when the United States lifted the embargo with Cuba, then a vacation in the Cuba more options in your travel itinerary. Not only famous for cigars Havana, idyllic beaches which Cuba in General and Havana in particular has become one of the most exciting destinations in the Caribbean.
Tourism in Cuba-the country is located in the Caribbean Sea is where the three major Gulf Coast that is: the Atlantic coast, the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. Because is located at favourable so the tourism industry here has a good base to develop.
And especially Cuban Visa in Vietnam is not difficult.To get a full ride and smoothly as possible, please refer to the Cuban travel experience here!. How to use the currency when traveling to Cuba.
Should limit the use of American dollars that should use the Euro or the currency of Cuba! First, Cuba is the country that uses two different currencies. A local currency is the use of low-value called Cuban pesos and a currency for travelers to use, also known as CUC.
You can visit the local markets to buy junk food, fruit or on the food for local people they still can use the currency Peso Cubano. However most of the restaurant, hotel, café or buy souvenirs … then the foreigners must use copper CUC.

Typically, a Cuban tourist usually pay from 3 to 4 CUC for breakfast, 10-20 CUC for lunch. So are expensive folding almost 10 times compared to the Cuban people for the same meal.
So, if you want to save money when using the services of the native people of Cuba then you should change from copper to CUC money Cuban Pesos.
If you have to choose between the U.S. dollar with the Euro then you should not bring the U.S. dollar (USD) when traveling to Cuba that should only carry the Euro coins.

First to say to you that, although Cuba is one of the paradise beaches in America but here again is not a shopping paradise for you . The store in Cuba can say is also very modest in number as well as the richness of the items. If you want to buy the souvenir about Cuba, the hero Che Guevara, or the famous perfume bottles from the year 1791 then please visit the shops in the streets from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Saturday. And private Sunday open only from 9 am until 12.00 noon.
Cuban cigars are the top choices for the souvenir gift for loved ones. Once Cuban arrived, then must be purchased with either 1 cigars. Why? By only available new cigars have world-leading quality.

If you want to buy a box of cigars are genuine, you have to take off the Real Fábrica de Tabacos factory to the Partagás in Havana. The plant also provides branded box for you.
The box of cigars that you buy from the very streets may be retained in the airport by no real certification inspection stamps. A bottle of Rhum wine characteristic of Cuba will make the trip more meaningful!
Not natural that Cuba was known as the “world’s Rhum wine cellar”. When traveling to Cuba to Havana, just a 10-minute walk you will find 1 pub. The Cuban people did think of so many ways to Cocktail mixing to increase attractive part for the Rhum. This type of wine has sweet, delicious taste is characteristic of Cuba. With its intense flavor and Rhum blend spread, which follows the same form as the taste of Cacao, coffee, tobacco, pungent taste of the same oak wood.
The end of a trip to Cuba that owned a bottle of Rhum wine “made in Cuba” will certainly make this trip becomes ever more significance. Functional food Vidatox-effective cancer prevention
Currently, the cancer became very popular and spread gradually throughout the world. Particularly according to the data of recent years, the infant mortality rate by increasing cancer and it has become one of the very problems unsolvable by medicine. Until 2012, after a long time of research, the scientists of Cuba announced functional food Vidatox-products to support cancer treatment is extracted from the venom of the Scorpion-Scorpion species specialized of Cuba has cancer cell resistance function, anti-inflammatory and analgesic.
Especially this medicine without any side effects should you feel secure when in use. When using a bottle can cancer resistance during 1 year.

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