Pocket experiences when traveling to Singapore

Things to note and despised the experience needed to know about Singapore travel.
The first is the entry procedure: to note the following things to not fly about as yet stepping are steps on the ground in Singapore.
Staff will ask you round-trip ticket If you don’t have the ability you have to fly back right away is very easy going on so make sure to eat need to have return air tickets.

People will ask the address hotel stay (if you’ve set it well not put then quickly position opened the great names that you remember well)
Remember to dress neatly, answer confidently, looking straight face staff check that the mighty call is over. Do not carry the item damage, in the 1970s, the airport set should not carry map to others brought in painters to miss.
Air fare
-This almost as you would well know cheap tickets, best hunting should book before May 2 in the airline, Jetstar, Tiger Vietjet, the price range of 2 million.
-The more you go type also dust the way tickets to Sing into the evening to sleep one night and then the airport the next morning, the famous Changi airport security and clean, in terminal 3, a Mac Donald had the couch is comfortable, a lot of people sleep in it should not be afraid.
-On about you would book tickets to fly in the afternoon then normal but if you book a flight ticket early, then you can save money on hotel night by dark 10h30 enlist up MRT Changi Airport out to sleep the next morning up flight procedures is always.
Move Method
There are 2 common migration method in Singapore:
+ Taxi: convenient and quickly saving time (but not cheap price)
+ Bus: the cheapest media type but also takes the most time.

Taxi: you should choose the airline 65521111 is reasonable for (blue, yellow taxi), the first computer about 1 km 3sgd the following about 60cent km, the peak rate of 35% extra/Km, go after 12 h 50% charges extra/Km. Take a taxi from Changi Airport to bear additional operating costs $3, takes about 15 to $22 ; from the airport to the Centre of Singapore.
Ez Link card multiple times: type Car, most of the money is loaded to go forward, buy Ticket Office counters ears or Passenger Service in the MTR 15SGD/price tags (the tag in there use to be $10, while $5 is the charge card purchases are non-refundable, you can carry on to next go forward).
From the airport to the City Center takes about 1.5 sgd in the card.
Single Trip Ticket (a ticket once): buy the ticket at the automatic ticket machines (TICKET MACHINE) in the MRT station.
In Single fare trip has 1 SGD deposit money, this money get it back at the TICKET MACHINE after it has ended.
The Singapore Tourist pass: there are 3 types: 1 day pass: SGD 8, 2 day pass: SGD 16, 3 day pass: SGD 24
Tickets also go on both the MRT and BUS, unlimited number of times, with the visitors have little travel time to want to go to more points in a day, you should choose this type.
Singapore system was assigned tasks according to 3 different line (East-West, North-South, East-North), the symbol is green, red and purple.
If you go in small groups under 4 persons, you can buy or borrow a friend’s recharge on the go, if you go to 7-10 group of people, you can book a car 15, carrying about 60 price one-way $ SGD/SGD $40 price 4hours or flight/hour. Though expensive but the convenience, especially with large group, or from the airport going/about baggage.
Bus: the cheapest mode of travel, can use MRT to go bus, if not possible, then you must have the new coin was up Bus.
Hotel rooms
You are booking early because the stitch is very important. Most recent day just off good rooms again.  Many of you love to save chosen in the gym about $30 to $35 /night, or hire back rooms of homestay

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