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The night for the population of then maybe who also had many interesting experiences. Before I consider quite many sleeping primarily for the population of rather than normal on the hotels for fast:
In the hostel: I find room in quite a lot of pages such as, Agoda, But I mainly put in this page because hostelworld cancellation conditions are better, longer 2-3 minutes before the cancellation is that they except my money. The price in Europe is dependent on the level of red in the expensive cities you in expensive goods have included Paris, Rome, Venice, Switzerland, … still cheaper then Barcelona Berlin, Athens. The places I’ve been in and seen very ok, usually a little Centre, near the train station to go back to fast and will also need to purchase handy kitchen map supermarket about cooking.

Paris: At go: Aloha Hostel, 1 Rue Borromee, 75015 Paris, France . Due to the Centre of Paris is quite extensive so the place was near the hostel sights such as the Eiffel, the Arc de Triomphe that cheap is not ideal. Anyway, this hotel is also a good choice then, takes about 30° n walk to Eiffel Tower.
Barcelona: Urbany Hostel BCN GO!, Valencia, Gran Via, Eixample, 08007 Barcelona, 563, Spain . A hostel I was extremely fit, friendly staff, floor 1 night party exciting and soundproof bedrooms, are the group extremely funny foreign friends, chatting all day. Clean room facilities, basement with kitchen and refrigerator for a population of phượt, super good prices.
Venice: Nuova Locanda Belvedere, Via Mezzacapo 1, Marghera, Venice, Italy . Venice is an expensive city, the city centre is the floating houses on the canals, and there will be no cheap room rates here. So I decided on in suburban , only 10 minutes walk to the train station to catch the train into the City Center (about 2 €/weekly and 10° n train runs).
Florence: Hostel Santa Monaca, Via Santa Monaca 6, Florence, Italy . This hotel was pretty good reviews, a 10-minute walk from the central station, the price is also right, there is a full kitchen for cooking, dining area and spacious well talk chatting comfortably. The room of the hostel is in the form of giant, so I also don’t count in that night I slept with how much the bed beside.
Rome: Discovery Hostel 247. Add: Via Cernaia 32, Stazione Termini, Rome, 00185, Italy . 10-minute walk from central station, when the boss will lead to where I was a few hundred yards away. Rooms in a building, Elevator-style iron as you still watching old movies in Europe, United States of America. Yet inside very clean pretty must say is very interesting.
Athens: Zorbas Hotel, 10 Gkyilfordou St., Athens 10434 Athens Victoria Square . Normal House, enough to sleep, the advantage is the central police and Metro station in the heart of the city, the price is too cheap, I can’t imagine why in Europe have cities with cheap hotel. The reception here was also very enthusiastic when I wake up all night to fix the phone charger cord, he also questions and also help, lend everything.
Santorini, Fira, Fira downtown backpackers: . On the island there are two bustling villages as Oia and Thira (Fira). This hostel is located in the village of Thira, and cheaper prices, had the bus brought to the village of Oia. I see both shallow water but has pool, perhaps the summer they will pump water out affordable!

Paris (at about):  Similar to my previous House in Paris.
There are 2 services page in the thanks is Couchsurfing and Airbnb, the head is the registration form please in thanks to free, the second one is for in but have to pay the price is lower than in hotels. However, after applying in a number of locations that no one for it, I give up!
In order to be accepted on the Couchsurfing then you should build a good profile because it is in the social networking thanks to highly interactive. You must be new, they believed in thanks, so would like to join the playground then now you can make friends, do host thanks right at home. Open arms those you travel from one place to another, to them in thanks, kind reception and can do the tourguide for them anymore. Then they will have good reviews about the profile for you, as many positive reviews, the more you have chance in free when traveling abroad.

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