Some places up for travel to Europe

Because this is the most preferred cities should be in twice to Paris, the total on Empress has stopped here at up to 10 days. Here are some vacation experience Paris savings and smart:
The Eiffel Tower
you should purchase a ticket up the Tower before the at home network, the online fare cheaper, and most importantly not long queue to face two, three hours. If you do not have to print, just take a picture and then brought to the control of the tickets that they will let you in.

Mousse Bateaux – Boats along the river Seine
on the website of the French students at have a number of people have cheap tickets over the purchase price in the dock. If you have friends in France, you can see the seller to pre purchase. Curious share encouraged people to go games, go lights, both at about the brilliant light thanks to Paris. See the Eiffel Tower shines brightly from the middle of the river Seine dreaming it’s nothing.
The Palace of Versailles & Louvre
All students study in the UK or Europe on 3 months are considered European Residence (residents in Europe). So you’ll be sure to go to the Louvre and the Palace of Versailles is free. You don’t know should have spend quite a lot of money to buy tickets. So, remember to bring your Passport and a residence card under when to visit two destinations.
This is the second favorite destination of Tastes. One thing enjoyed in Rome is the price of food as well as vehicles are cheap (if in Rome for 3 days, you can buy a train ticket your package in 3 days (about 10 euro, very cheap for a city of tourism). Friends of fondness for or, if going to Rome on the occasion of the end of may you will be visiting the Museum and Vaticani free (on a Sunday last month). The following is a list of destinations that can’t miss in Rome:
1. The Colosseum
2. The Vatican
3. The gardens of Villa Borghese, hotel Principessa Isabella (an ideal destination to NAP on summer days)
4. four rivers Fountain (Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi)
5. the Fontana di Trevi (where people usually throw the coin to hope was returning to Rome on an other time. Especially the ice cream here is also delicious)
6. The Church of St. Pietro
7. The square of Venice, also known as victory square.
A great place for couples in love as well as those who … single. This is the point to go into the summer to enjoy the feeling of going out to sea.

Tastes of each stay, Hotel Giovannina, reception staff here speak English clearly, knowledgeable and friendly. In addition, the hotel is located right next to the main dock, 3-4 minute walk around both the bus station and train station. Usually people or to Venice by plane, from the airport you can catch the train on this station. A further plus point is that the hotel is located near a supermarket is cheap, easy to prepare food before going out.
Go back in Venice, the best you should buy tickets to use both bus and vaporetto “taxi ship” (not to be used for the train). From the train station to the island every 10 minutes there will be a tour and of course you can take vaporetto ticket ever since on this journey.
In Venice just has a map (for free) and then catch a taxi-boat is a comfortable ride. Venice is also famous with the title of city of masks. You will find Venetian masks to permeate throughout the stalls, enough category, price, full color. Location not to be missed is the square of Saint Marco. If there is time to go out to the surrounding islands, you remember visiting glass factory and lace!

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