Top 5 best place for this summer in Vietnam

Whether a believer or not, the island of tourists visit the coast below does not chisel out before ecstatic fairy landscape like heaven on earth right here in Vietnam.
Lang Co beach
Be similes like fairies sa look bare, beauty of Lang Co beach not overwhelmed style splendor, splendor as the famed waters, but gentle strokes that passionate of fine sand gentle and dark blue color of the sea endless here can melt any heart any traveler charming look. Here, one can leisurely stroll on the sand, watching the color blue of the sky and sea merged together stretching to the horizon, feel the soft sand underfoot and sea breeze gently skim surface , in the fresh air, stirred by a marine fishing village before.

Vinh Hy beach
If love is vast and clear water and many things wild and leisure guests, the Vinh Hy Bay is the name can not forget come. From the terrain and scenery unique on the coast and hills around, until the reef brilliant full color make up a world of shimmering underwater … all blended into one picture period unique in Vinh Hy-lis that visitors refrain difficult.

Dam Mon beach
As a peninsula tiny wonders Van Phong Bay, near Nha Trang, Dam Mon is known for its wild character, casual but still very romantic, clear blue beaches with calm and villages fishing peaceful, idyllic. At sounded nothing special, but just when arriving here, new visitors feel the peace emanating from the luscious green scenery in this place, makes people feel lost in a world of isolation, privacy, peace.
Cu Lao Cau beach
Rated as one of the most romantic destinations of Vietnam, Co To Island in Quang Ninh attracted many couples looking to enjoy the wedding photography or honeymoon. This activity is the favorite mistress sometimes and often takes place here is walk on the beach holding hands smooth as long headline ‘way of love’ immense in the sunset clear, beautiful infatuation. And when the afternoon light went off, the flames began to light up, the party started babecue cozy seaside. At night could hear the waves tent situated at the sky and sparkling in the night sky full of stars in.

Not flat calm as the sea, but the sea paradise in Cu Lao Cau has its own attraction. This pristine waters impress visitors by the unique ledge daring but still equally peaceful, quiet. It is suitable for camping and enjoying fresh seafood on the sea, between the ledge formed where the ideal shielding and unspoiled coastline, clean and spotless.
Binh Ba beach
In Binh Ba had several beautiful beaches, but not wild, but the sea is in a park can watch the Coral:
Beach House Old: It is hereby forbidden to enter because military areas, but is 1 of the park’s most beautiful worth to go when the Binh Ba, with the way round down (called go underground), but if you rent a boat or hire a tour service on the island, they can guide you line the main road the multitude beach without having to go underground. Beach House Old you can snorkeling and bathing things okay, but not camp overnight.

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