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Lisbon, as well as other coastal cities of the Mediterranean such as Barcelona, Athens or Santorini is the southern paradise where always warm to people of Northwest Europe go insulate. Special occasion from December to March each year when that forecast humid Central Paris without sunshine. Lisbon has mountains, seas, the pastel-pink building, cafe and Fado music charm to attracted you at first set foot in this city.

Articles about travel Lisbon cleaners will help you learn about how to come and go again in Lisbon, the tourist attractions, famous and the most characteristic dish of the Portuguese capital.
Lisbon or nothing?
In addition to beautiful weather endowed bestowed, Lisbon also has beautiful beaches just a few short trains. That traffic here is also very convenient and cheap anymore, tram in Super order uniqueness. The food is extremely tasty and varied, you can easily find yourself the only meal for under 10E.
Nevertheless Lisbon very get paddle drag selling stimulants (drug), of course you may not need to Italy. Many of the bars closed at 2-3 pm and 8 pm to open new doors.
Time travel to Lisbon
Overall Lisbon has year round beautiful weather new world jealous!, winter not too cold and not too hot summers. At the time that Paris, London still stretch resistant to the cold, you can still step on the coastal road or lazing on the beaches as beautiful as a dream when the summer comes.

The most beautiful season to come to Lisbon is from March to early June or from January 9-10, cool not too hot as well as tourist, 7.8. Winter in Lisbon is very rarely too cold as the other regions in Europe, but you should also note a bit because of the often rainy winter.
To and left the Lisbon
If you fly to Lisbon, then almost certainly you will come to the international airport of Lisbon Portela Airport, the city centre and 9 km range. There are some means to you from the airport into the city:
Bus: Bus is a good choice for very many points in the city, cheap. Bus transit named Aero Bus just outside the arrival hall of the airport, you can buy the ticket and wait for the bus to come with a price range of € 3.15/person.
Lisbon Metro: Metro is also a good approach to the city, the price is just € 1.40/weekly or Daily pass can use be used for both the metro, bus, trams, with the price of €6. Airport metro line connecting with the red line on the Saldanha, you can change the line to go forward into the center of the city. Note a bit is the go metro or queues to buy tickets for a long time because less automatic ticket sales machine.
Taxi: a bit more expensive with price range from 10-20 € depending on the traffic situation. A tip to taxi is cheaper than you should catch a taxi at the entrance to Departures, also help line.
If you come and leave Lisbon by ship to go to the city or the surrounding area, especially the long distance trains, when Ben goes on then you look at the electronic board is one thing but to the Rails to check back. When information on the electronic billboard and practical information in a way out doesn’t match, you just ask people there for sure you eat rather than ease tired of waiting ships but ships back to stock in other ray.

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